Bike Fit…Should you get one?

12311181_980414682001438_8438438887568602483_nMany riders from the casual fitness rider to the serious cyclist and triathlete asks themselves this question…so why should you get a professional bike fit? I mean a bike fit costs alot of money and time at $199 and 2-3 hours of time, it really is an investment that pays huge dividends. Purchase your professional bike fit today from Tri-ing For Life and save $50….don’t miss this deal. Use Code SBSBF50 to save $50 today…CLICK HERE

1. Improved Comfort & Lower Chance of Injury – A comprehensive bike fitting takes into account your individual biomechanics and makes sure your joints and muscles are held in neutral and biomechanically “friendly” positions. Like a favorite chair that supports you well, a biomechanically neutral position minimizes joint and muscle load. This results in greater comfort and minimizes the likelihood of repetitive use injuries and muscle imbalances.

2. Improved Performance – When your body is set in a position that encourages a full range of muscle engagement and balanced muscle recruitment, you will produce better power (ride faster) and have better endurance. Essentially being able to ride further with greater comfort.

3. Improved Technique – Have you ever seen yourself ride? Very few of us ever learned how to ride a bike beyond learning how to balance while pedaling. Cycling is as technique based as any sport and the better your technique the easier and more comfortable it is to ride. A good bike fit has a heavy coaching and visual element and can help you see and learn techniques in a matter of hours that take years for most riders to learn. This helps a newer rider avoid developing bad habits and it helps riders of all experience levels gain a better understanding of how their bike and body interact.

4. Peace of Mind – If you are in the small percentile of riders who are already riding in a really good position (just by chance), in addition to the technique benefits, a professional fitting still provides the confidence to know that your position is “right” and will help you understand why.

5. Enjoyment – Serious or novice rider, I’ve met few people that did not want to ride better and enjoy cycling more. A comprehensive bike fitting is one of the best starting places to riding to your potential and enjoying cycling as much as possible.

“The best you’ve ridden is the best you know.” This means that the best you have ridden is only as good as how well your equipment has been set-up and your technique has allowed. In other words, unless you have done everything already, there is room for improvement. You made the commitment to do a long ride for a great cause. Riding a bike is supposed to be fun, don’t hold yourself back or make it less comfortable and fun than need be. If you are thinking about getting a new bike this year, be sure to get a professional fitting first; you should not have to accommodate to your bike, your bike should instead fit you and your needs as well as possible. And, if you have a bike now, search out a good fitter well in advance of the event and find out what “the best you know” can be this year!