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The 2016 Couch 2 Triathlon Program

Thomas Figueroa

 Here it is…the program you’ve been waiting almost a year for.

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Tri-ing For Life and Tri-Avengers presents the 2016 Couch 2 Triathlon Program designed to introduce the beginner to the sport of triathlon through encouragement and support as well as those who may have already completed a triathlon but desire to grow and learn more about the sport of triathlon.

Our USAT certified coaches will design a plan that will equip the new triathlete with the skills necessary to complete the Sister Lakes Triathlon on July 16, 2016.

Training will consist of swimming, cycling,running, and core foundation strength training.  There will be 3 group training sessions per week. One workout, per discipline, per week, as well as additional training sessions to develop your foundation in each discipline.  These additional sessions may be completed on your own or in ad hoc group sessions.

Additionally, there will be casual mini-lectures on topics such as nutrition, goal setting, mental preparedness, how to buy a wetsuit, & transitions just to name a few.

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Post Season is for Recovery and Technique improvement.

Thomas Figueroa

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Post Season is for Recovery and technique improvement.

Last week we talked about the importance of recovery and how recovery allows all of your hard work to be absorbed by your body as well as repair all the damage of the season.  This week let’s explore a little bit the importance of technique training.

A lot of cyclist and triathletes have been riding for years without any real improvement in power output or speed.  Every wonder why this is the case?  One of the reasons is your technique has really never changed or improved over the years as you’ve always ridden the same and never had someone guide you to correct technique and form on the bike.

To get the best power transfer to the pedals and then to the drive train of your bike you need to break your pedal stroke up into quadrants – top of pedal, down stroke, bottom of pedal, and upstroke.  Once you break your stroke into quadrants then you need to train yourself to apply power to the pedal in each of the 4 quadrants which will increase your total power output by eliminating dead spots in your pedaling.  One drill that works really well in eliminating dead spots in your pedal stroke is one legged pedaling repeats – ensure when you’re doing this drill you are mentally present and focused on the quadrants of the stroke.

At Tri-ing For Life we have trained and certified coaches who can help you work through any efficiency issues you have in your pedal stroke or form on your bike.  During the post season recovery classes we’ll have specific drills to address and improve your efficiency which will help increase your power output or FTP.  Riding in Tri-ing For Life’s studio gets you out of the elements of rain and cold, puts you into a safe environment free of cars, trucks and biting dogs, and with our trained coaches will make you a stronger cyclist or triathlete.

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Steelhead Triathlon is around the corner!

Thomas Figueroa

How are you preparing for Steelhead?  We are here to help!

A coached ride around the bike course, coach/train through the swimming portion or a coached run on the Steelhead half marathon course.

How is your ride feeling?  Do you feel pain on your neck, back or knees?   We can fit your bike to you for perfect comfort, or we can fit your bike for performance.
Contact us today and we will be happy to get you ready for a successful Steelhead race.