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Nutrition Corner: You can with UCAN

Thomas Figueroa

Today I want to introduce you all to Generation UCAN that we just started caring at Tri-ing For Life.  I have long coached two principles of 1. you don’t need nutrition for workouts less than two hours and 2. you should follow a Fat Adapted nutrition protocol.  I have used Generation UCAN for the past 2 years and am now so proud to bring this amazing product which solves a lot of the issues around why I  ooach the two principles above.

Principle 1you don’t need nutrition for workouts less than two hours and for sure not less than one hour.  The reason I have coached this principle is that so many athletes will overuse high glycemic index carb based fuels such as gels, shots, blocks, etc which will spike your blood sugar, we all know what happens if you spike your blood sugar too many times in your life.  The issue with this principle is that some athletes don’t properly fuel – I mean eat – through the day and prior to workouts so they end up “crashing” even during these shorter one and two hour workouts.  Generation UCAN solves this issue as it is designed with a very low glycemic index, meaning it will provide a steady constant source of glycogen so it is available to your body when you need a burst – without spiking your blood sugar.  I recommend taking 1 serving of Generation UCAN about 30 mins prior to a 1 or 2 hour workout, and then nothing during the workout.  After your workout  you would take another serving of Generation UCAN that is protein enhanced to help promote muscle recovery.

Principle 2 – you should follow a fat adapted protocol.  This is important for all people and athletes alike, but even more important as we go longer distances or time, as the sugars and solid foods we eat can create GI distress since the body deviates the blood from the stomach to our muscles which are needing plenty of oxygen to keep moving your body forward.  Generation UCAN will help all of us who have adopted the various fat adapted eating lifestyles and fueling methodologies by providing a steady amount of carbohydrates to your muscles to sustain muscle glycogen levels for when we need a short period of high intensity to pass that person in front of you, get up that hard hill, or for a picture perfect strong finish.  For longer workouts and races you would start out with a serving of UCAN about 30 mins prior to the event, about every 60 to 90 mins through the event, and then protein enhanced UCAN after the event for recovery.

At Tri-ing For Life we don’t just sell you nutritional products, come on in and learn exactly how to use Generation UCAN in your life or your training or race protocol so you get it right the first time.  We carry Generation UCAN Super Starch, Protein Enhanced Super Starch, Snack Bars, and Hydrate (sugar free Electrolytes).

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Massage For Recovery

Renee Borah

Why it’s important to get a massage as an athlete…

Your athletic body needs a massage every month and twice if you’re preparing for a race!

relaxationSpaI don’t know about you but after a race or tough week of conditioning my body and mind are screaming for a massage!  As athletes we are so vigilant about training and educated in nutrition practices so why is it that we continually over look and are not committed to regular massages?  I suspect many athletes don’t even think about massage as a part of their training program and certainly don’t regularly get one right before the big event! One only needs to go as far as the internet to study the effects of exercise on the body, how to fuel your body for competition and what the latest and greatest workout is to get your body faster, leaner and stronger but what if I told you that you could get some of the same benefits from massage therapy?  The benefits are many and not limited to helping with muscle soreness and fatigue but include rapid removal of metabolic waste, improved pulmonary function by loosening tight respiratory muscles, promotes circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Do you find yourself in a seemingly constant state of healing from an injury?  Massage therapy works great as a preventative program by keeping muscles flexible, decrease muscle adhesion and get the blood and oxygen flowing throughout the body and flush out toxins.

Be the best athlete you can be, stretch your limits, take that extra long run, exercise to exhaustion on your stationary bike and sign up for that big race just keep that massage appointment on your calendar! It’s just one more very important tool you should use to get your body  stronger and faster out on the course.

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