Tri-ing to Start: (8 weeks starting September 28, 2015)  
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Focus is on the person who has the goal to lose weight, focus on nutrition, increase metabolism, become empowered, and/or start building endurance for cycling or triathlon.

Tri-ing to Start will meet 3 times pstudiorideer week:
Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 pm with interval focused cycling classes designed to slowly build up Aerobic Endurance, target increasing metabolism for weight loss, and general fitness. These classes will be 1.5 hours in length to include cycling intervals, core and strength training, and learning sessions.
Saturday there will be a 1 hour restorative yoga to aid in the recovery of the muscles that were focused on during the week.

During the first week we will do body composition measurements for each person to establish a base line, re-measurements will take place mid way and at the end to track your body changes. Additionally, in the first week we will discuss nutrition modifications to aid in increasing your metabolism, managing energy and creating positive changes in your body composition.

Register Today and save your spot —SOLD OUT —  Coming back in January!!!

Post Season Restoration: (8 weeks starting September 28, 2015)
Designed for the cyclist and triathlete finishing up their seasons and needing to recover as well as build up their aerobic endurance. Included are technique drills to start building beCoachinBikegrouptter biking skills for the next season and aerobic building interval sessions.

Post Season Restoration will meet 2 times per week:
Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6 pm and go for 1 hour

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High Intensity Interval Training: (8 weeks starting September 28, 2015)
Designed for the cyclist, triathlete or fitness person who isn’t concerned with seasonality and only wants to hit it hard and sweat it out.

High Intensity Interval Training will meet 2 times per week:
Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5:30 am and go for 1 hour.

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Saturday Long Rides: (Schedule individually)
Back by popular demand we will be doing the Saturday long rides. You can reserve 1 or 2 hours of course riding fun to increase your FTP and your Aerobic Endurance during the off season, all in the safety and warmth of our studio.

Individual Classes: (As space is available)
You don’t want to commit to a program then you can pick and choose which classes you want to join by purchasing a single drop in pass or 5 or 10 1 hour class passes. With these passes you can attend any of the classes except for the Tri-ing to Start program which is reserved exclusively for those registered to the program.

What’s Your FTP? (by appointment)
Don’t know your Functional Threshold Power? Email today to schedule your appointment and find out what is your FTP!

Okay, now we’ve got a figure for our Functional Threshold Power (FTP) what do we do with it? FTP development is all about making your athletic engine more efficient. We will help you do that!

Private Coaching: (by Appointment)
Have you huge personal goal and you’re looking for private coaching in the studio then please email us today at to discuss your goals and how Tri-ing For Life can help you bridge the gaps to your goals.