SUMMER: Racing season – Transition

Transition is a lot of Art and a little bit of Science. Are you doing yours right to help you get some free speed? Here are some pointers….

First K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simply Simple. Don’t have a whole bunch of gear you don’t need and set it up with what you need first in the front. Use a towel next to and close to your bike to claim your transition space and stay on it.

Swim Gear
Have it on your body

Cycling Gear
– Water and Nutrition Bottles on your bike
– Helmet on your handlebars, this is crucial to not forget to avoid a DNF
– Sunglasses in your helmet
– Socks in your shoes or in the front of your towel, better yet don’t use them
– Shoes either on the pedals or front of towel
– Chamois Buttr front of towel by shoes if they’re on the towel.

Run Gear
– Shoes on transition towel behind cycling shoes
– Number belt with race bib on top of shoes
– Hat/Visor on top of race belt
– Nutrition, Water, and Electrolytes next to shoes