Post Season Motivation

The heavy training and excitement of the racing has come to an end, how’s your motivation doing as we move into the post season?  There are still Cyclocross and Mountain Bike races going on, but the air is getting crisp here in the Mid East and our bodies are telling us to just sleep in today rather than getting out in the crisp air.

Motivation is really hard to keep fired up after your last race of the season mainly because there isn’t anything out there pressuring you to get on the bike or get out and run.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, we work a lot better when we have a big hairy goal like a race looming over us. So, what do we do to change that pattern?!

The good thing is you already have some really good training habits developed from the season, let’s capitalize on the habits and throw out a new goal for you.  This new goal could be a big race for next year, it could be a new PR for next year targeted to that big race, or it could just be not gaining the post season weight.  Dig down deep and find something that will really motivate you to train, find a reward for obtaining this new goal and begin your post season training.

Do make sure that you bring that volume and intensity down to give your body some recovery.  This is the time of the year when your competition is just lounging and enjoying the season, but you keep your training going with the proper periodization so you kick their rears next year.

Schedule a breakthrough session today and talk through your gaps and how to bridge them with a new goal to get you on top of the 2016 season.  Email me at to schedule your breakthrough session today.

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