Aerobic Base Building

Coaching_275WWhat is Aerobic Base Building anyway?!


The coached sessions at Tri-ing For Life lately are focused on aerobic base building and this really is one of the hardest things most cyclist and triathletes can do since it requires really pulling back on the intensity that we all love so much.  We do this so we can better our aerobic energy systems while allowing our body to get some recovery.

As a certified USA Triathlon coach I have been trained in principles of periodization and aerobic base building for this time of the season. A lot of triathletes and cyclists either keep going with the intensity or they shut down completely, the first is a guarantee for injuries down the road and the later is a recipe for de-training resulting in losing all the great training gains you’ve had all season.  The aerobic base training will help increase your oxygen delivery efficiency to your cells – energy is created by the delivery of oxygen and glycogen to your cells – as well as allow for muscular adaptation and recovery from your training.

What do aerobic base training workouts typically look like?!  They would have a 10 min or so warm-up followed by intervals which would include short intense intervals of 1-3 mins followed by long recovery intervals 3-5 mins or more at a lower z3 heart rate or around 70% to 80% of your FTP if you’re using power.

If you want to learn more about incorporating aerobic base building into your off season training let’s schedule a breakthrough session and talk through your gaps and how to bridge them.  Email me at to schedule your breakthrough session today.

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