Adding strength training into your off season

strength2We’ve talked for a few weeks now about the importance of recovery in the off season.  In addition to recovery it is important to use this period to really focus on your strength.  One of the biggest reasons for injuries during training and racing is muscular imbalances and muscular weakness.

As a certified USA Triathlon coach I have been trained specifically on how to identify imbalances, but most importantly on strength training that is specific to triathletes and cyclists alike.  It is important to develop total body strength, but so many people shy away from the training because they are afraid to put on extra pounds that they have to carry around on the bike or while running.  Your strength training program should focus on core development, especially through the glute muscles.

I really love to prescribe compound movement exercises that hit as much of the body in one fell swoop. A couple really good workouts to add into your routine are Wood Choppers, Skaters, Single Leg Lunges, Box Jumps, and Squats.

If you want to learn more about incorporating strength training into your off season training let’s schedule a breakthrough session and talk through your gaps and how to bridge them.  Email me at to schedule your breakthrough session today or click here to contact us.