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“Could not have completed Ironman Wisconsin without the personalized coaching from Tri-ing For Life. At the beginning they promised me they would get me to the finish line with the least amount of pain. Not only did I finish with my goal time, but I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t in extreme pain the days after. Tri-ing For Life is like an extended family.”   

Souad A.

“Thom is an excellent coach. Very enthusiastic and full of energy. You will get your monies worth . He got me to do 4 tri’s in 2015. i never imagined I would do a single tri ever.”  

Dave R.

“My cycling knowledge and ability has grown so much that I have been able to complete a Century ride and a Metric Century ride this year, along with a number of 40-50 mile rides. I couldn’t have done that a year ago. No matter what your level or goal, the studio and coaching will help you get where you want to be!”

Deb O.

TRI-ING FOR LIFE is your side kick in fitness, health and competitive sports

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