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” Great way to train and a great workout! The display provides constant feedback and shows you how hard you are really working.”   

Andrea G.

“Thom is an excellent coach. Very enthusiastic and full of energy. You will get your monies worth . He got me to do 4 tri’s in 2015. i never imagined I would do a single tri ever.”  

Dave R.

“My cycling knowledge and ability has grown so much that I have been able to complete a Century ride and a Metric Century ride this year, along with a number of 40-50 mile rides. I couldn’t have done that a year ago. No matter what your level or goal, the studio and coaching will help you get where you want to be!”

Deb O.

Tri-ing For Life’s wellness program, is more than exercising. We team up with you to improve your life style to get your wellness goals. 

We have implemented Yoga classes, Strengthening classes, nutrition assessments and more, to help you through your journey. Is your goal to go from the couch to your first 5K or first Sprint Triathlon or finish your IRON MAN or Marathon feeling awesome, then Tri-ing For Life’s wellness program is for you..


You can get all those wellness goals. Give us a try!

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TRI-ING FOR LIFE is your side kick in fitness, health and competitive sports

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