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2017 – program

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This Couch 2 Tri is designed to introduce the beginner to the sport of triathlon through encouragment and support as well as those who may have already completed a triathlon but desire to grow and learn more about the sport of triathlon.   Our USAT certified coaches will design a plan that will equip the new triathlete with the skills necessary to complete the

Sister Lakes Triathlon on July 15, 2017.


Need more information?  Contact us at info@tri-ingforlife.com

What is this program anyways?

Training will consist of swimming, cycling, running, and core foundation strength training.  There will be 3 group training sessions per week. One workout, per discipline, per week, as well as additional training sessions to develop your foundation in each discipline.  These additional sessions may be completed on your own or in ad hoc group sessions.

Additionally, there will be casual mini-lectures on topics such as nutrition, goal setting, mental preparedness, how to buy a wetsuit, & transition readiness just to name a few.   

Fun Group Training Sessions:

Starting April 5, 2016

Tuesday – Cycling at Tri-Ing for Life studio at 7:15 pm

Wednesday –  Core strength and running with Sunset Coast Striders/Tri-Avengers. Meet at 6 pm. Meeting location may change depending on weather, etc.

Thursday – Swimming at the YMCA at 6 pm.

What is the price?  

Keep in contact for triathlon and other programs at www.tri-ingforlife.com and info@tri-ingforlife.com

Tri-ing For Life, the club.

– Membership into Tri-ing For Life, triathlon club.

– Race Registration fees for the Sister Lakes Triathlon on July 15, 2017.

– Pre-race Dinner 

Tri-ing For Life

Tri-Ing For Life studio and professional coaching fees 

USAT (USA Triathlon)

USAT pass will be collected on Race Day.  If you love it and want to commit to the sport, you can opt for the year license for $50.

STEP  1 – Tri-Avengers

Register with Sunset Coast Striders/Tri-Avengers!  

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STEP  2 – Tri-ing For Life

Register with Tri-ing For Life.

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Tri-ing For Life, is very proud to participate in this C2Tri program with our Tri-Avenger friends.

This is such a great program, where people will start training, whatever their starting point is, even couch, and work together to complete and enjoy their first Triathlon.


Come join us in this adventure!

“This program is awesome! Everyone is extremely supportive and friendly, so if you’re at all interested in trying triathlons, but scared or don’t know where to start, this program is for you. They truly meet you where you’re at. I couldn’t swim last March, and there were moments when we started training that I almost gave up, but the coaches never gave up on me. They encouraged and supported me and when the planned group swim sessions weren’t enough practice for me, they took time out of their own day and held extra practice sessions. They are great coaches and really great people. You will not find a better program anywhere and the price they’re asking is shockingly inexpensive.”

Heather S.

“This program has excellent coaches. Very enthusiastic and full of energy. You will get your monies worth . They got me to do 4 tri’s in 2015. i never imagined I would do a single tri ever.”  

Dave R.

“If anyone in any fitness level wants to jump into this fun sport this program is for you. The level of coaching far exceeded my expectations, by the second week I felt like I won some sort of lottery pool to be in this group. Plus you will meet amazing people and make new friends.”

Michelle S.

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