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Time for you to get a bike fit?  Myth: Most people assume a bike fit is ONLY for elite cyclists and triathletes to give them the competitive edge.Fact: A bike fit is for anyone who as a bike who is looking to ride with greater comfort, greater efficiency and increased speed.  If you have a bike that you like to get out an ride, but you start feeling uncomfortable after 20 or 30 minutes then a bike fit is also for you.  If you’re a triathlete or a cyclist and you’re looking for increased comfort and efficiency then a bike fit is for you as well.
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At Tri-ing For Life we take fitting seriously so we hired Craig Watson from Bikes, Bikes, Bikes to come in and teach us all the in’s and out’s of bike fitting.  Tri-ing For Life specializes in Triathlon and Road bike fitting, but we can also perform bike fits on Mountain and Hybrid bikes.  We take so much pride in our attention to detail that each bike fit will last 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of bike and the amount of adjustments required.  We sweat all the minor details of the fit so you don’t have to sweat it out in pain later.

Tri-ing For Life carries ISM and Profile Design seats to help increase your comfort on the bike through your sit bones, you can try the seat before you purchase with our Demo Seat program.  The sit bone is the most intimate and important connection point to your bike, we’ll take the time to help you find the right seat for you.

Schedule an appointment today for your fit or  email to get more information.

If you have a group that you’re affiliated with and you would be interested in a presentation on bike fit, how’s it done and the importance of each of the contact points reach out to and we can set-up a time that works for your group.

Tri-ing For Life – The Studio

Thomas Figueroa

The Studio is how Tri-ing For Life began back in Nov 2014 when we only offered cycling to our clients, we have changed a lot from those early days.  Today we have offerings in Cycling, Yoga, and Strength Training.  At the core Tri-ing For Life’s mission is to be a gateway to endurance sports to this awesome community of cyclists, triathletes, runners and swimmers which the studio provides a central meeting point and a place for us all to train year round.  Who doesn’t like to train with close friends or make new friends who are all trying to get stronger, faster and healthier?
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At Tri-ing For Life’s studio we feature state of the art Wahoo Kickr’s which allows us to program every ride to develop a certain aspect of your training or put you on any course in the world that we can get gps files for.  The true beauty of this system is that the ride is customized for your skill level using your personal Functional Threshold Power (FTP) number which adjusts the ride to your level of fitness. With our set-up a brand new cyclist can ride right next to their best friend who’s been riding for years and not be dropped.

Over the past year and a half one of the things we identified was a need for yoga and strength training that was very specific for the endurance athlete or for the complete off the couch athlete who have different requirements than the typical gym member.  With this vision Danielle developed a yoga program which uses a mix of yoga methods during the practice to ensure the best core development and recovery for our athletes.  For those of you who think yoga isn’t for you we have actually thought about naming it stretching and recovery for athletes because the practice really is a very intensive stretching and recovery class focused on your hips, hamstrings, gluts, quads and other muscles that we all neglect so much, you really should give this class a chance and see how much it can impact your performance on the bike, running or swimming.

Looking for a Strength workout designed just for endurance athletes?  Dennis has created an amazing body weight only workout that will leave no doubt in your mind that you’re getting stronger through the core.  Why do we focus on the core so much?  A weak core is the leading cause of injury for cyclists, runners and swimmers alike.  We are here to develop your functional strength so you can keep moving forward towards your goal attainment.

Many things have changed at the Studio over the past year and a half and many more are coming, we look forward to training with you and helping you reach  your success.  For more information on classes like how to register, etc check out our registration website.

The first class is free for all new members and we are running a special introductory of $25 for unlimited classes for TWO weeks, come on in and see how Tri-ing For Life can help you.  Join any of our classes, schedule an appointment for testing, or contact us and we can design a program or session for your group’s specific needs.

What is Tri-ing For Life? Coaching.

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Coaching in Triathlon, Cycling, Running, Swimming, and Fitness delivered through personalized plans, one on one coaching or group coaching methods.

Coaching Cloud v2Spring is in the air and racing season is quickly approaching us.  Now is the time to hire a coach to help you identify your training gaps to reaching your goals and create a path to success.

Coaching is very personal and Tri-ing For Life custom tailors our coaching methodology to your needs.  Every coaching relationship starts with a FREE Coach Assessment in person or over the phone so we can understand exactly what type of coaching you are needing, what coaching delivery preferences you have, and amount of time available for training.  A Coach Assessment also helps you get a feel for our approach and get a level of comfort to start off your coaching relationship.

Tri-ing For Life has Tri in the name so for sure we coach triathletes; we also coach athletes in each of the triathlon disciplines.  So, if you’re a cyclist, runner or a swimmer let’s  schedule a Coach Assessment today and find a solution to help you reach your goals in 2016.

Not an endurance athlete?  We can also create a training solution for you to reach fitness goals around weight and size loss or better health.  We have solutions using body weight training and yoga.  Later in the week we’ll be talking about Tri-ing For Life’s Wellness focus which includes our innovative Tri-ing To Start programto get you moving from the couch to a better well-being through exercise, nutrition, yoga, and coaching.  Stay tuned for details or reach out and set-up a one on one session to discuss how we can help you succeed in health.

We are asked frequently how our training is delivered to our clients.   Tri-ing For Life is flexible and able to work to a solution that best fits your schedule.  We can provide a training plan that you execute on your time in your own settings or we can meet with you in person to  coach you through the plan.  Additionally, we have one on one sessions we can schedule to help you solve a very specific issue on the bike, in the run, or with your swim stroke.  Do you have a group striving to accomplish the same goal, Tri-ing For Life can meet with you and create a program tailored specifically to your group’s needs.

Have a question or ready to set-up a FREE Coach Assessment check out our website and let’s start you down your path to success today.

Bike Fit…Should you get one?

12311181_980414682001438_8438438887568602483_nMany riders from the casual fitness rider to the serious cyclist and triathlete asks themselves this question…so why should you get a professional bike fit? I mean a bike fit costs alot of money and time at $199 and 2-3 hours of time, it really is an investment that pays huge dividends. Purchase your professional bike fit today from Tri-ing For Life and save $50….don’t miss this deal. Use Code SBSBF50 to save $50 today…CLICK HERE

1. Improved Comfort & Lower Chance of Injury – A comprehensive bike fitting takes into account your individual biomechanics and makes sure your joints and muscles are held in neutral and biomechanically “friendly” positions. Like a favorite chair that supports you well, a biomechanically neutral position minimizes joint and muscle load. This results in greater comfort and minimizes the likelihood of repetitive use injuries and muscle imbalances.

2. Improved Performance – When your body is set in a position that encourages a full range of muscle engagement and balanced muscle recruitment, you will produce better power (ride faster) and have better endurance. Essentially being able to ride further with greater comfort.

3. Improved Technique – Have you ever seen yourself ride? Very few of us ever learned how to ride a bike beyond learning how to balance while pedaling. Cycling is as technique based as any sport and the better your technique the easier and more comfortable it is to ride. A good bike fit has a heavy coaching and visual element and can help you see and learn techniques in a matter of hours that take years for most riders to learn. This helps a newer rider avoid developing bad habits and it helps riders of all experience levels gain a better understanding of how their bike and body interact.

4. Peace of Mind – If you are in the small percentile of riders who are already riding in a really good position (just by chance), in addition to the technique benefits, a professional fitting still provides the confidence to know that your position is “right” and will help you understand why.

5. Enjoyment – Serious or novice rider, I’ve met few people that did not want to ride better and enjoy cycling more. A comprehensive bike fitting is one of the best starting places to riding to your potential and enjoying cycling as much as possible.

“The best you’ve ridden is the best you know.” This means that the best you have ridden is only as good as how well your equipment has been set-up and your technique has allowed. In other words, unless you have done everything already, there is room for improvement. You made the commitment to do a long ride for a great cause. Riding a bike is supposed to be fun, don’t hold yourself back or make it less comfortable and fun than need be. If you are thinking about getting a new bike this year, be sure to get a professional fitting first; you should not have to accommodate to your bike, your bike should instead fit you and your needs as well as possible. And, if you have a bike now, search out a good fitter well in advance of the event and find out what “the best you know” can be this year!

Nutrition and training + Holidays

turkeybikingThanksgiving is almost here and we will have so many temptations in front of us, temptations to eat so much delicious food and skip workouts as we travel and spend more time celebrating.  Take this time to recognize the distractions and try to minimize the impact to your nutritional and training values by setting yourself up to succeed.

Before you travel make sure you plan ahead strategies to minimize the amount of food you eat, one good strategy is to plan to eat small amounts of all the great foods you love.  Keep the amounts limited on your plate and enjoy a small amount of more.  For the workout pre-plan the workouts, look to find friends and family who will join you for workouts, even if those workouts are just long post meal walks catching up.

Most of us will fail during the holidays, don’t let this cause you to give up.  Recognize the situation, slow down and minimize the impact, and then accelerate back on the plan after you get over the speed bump. Most of all enjoy the time you get with all those you love around you.

If you would like to discuss strategies or you would like to schedule a breakthrough session to see how Tri-ing For Life can help you bridge the gap to success in your 2016 training objectives send an email to me at

Post Season Motivation

Thomas Figueroa

The heavy training and excitement of the racing has come to an end, how’s your motivation doing as we move into the post season?  There are still Cyclocross and Mountain Bike races going on, but the air is getting crisp here in the Mid East and our bodies are telling us to just sleep in today rather than getting out in the crisp air.

Motivation is really hard to keep fired up after your last race of the season mainly because there isn’t anything out there pressuring you to get on the bike or get out and run.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, we work a lot better when we have a big hairy goal like a race looming over us. So, what do we do to change that pattern?!

The good thing is you already have some really good training habits developed from the season, let’s capitalize on the habits and throw out a new goal for you.  This new goal could be a big race for next year, it could be a new PR for next year targeted to that big race, or it could just be not gaining the post season weight.  Dig down deep and find something that will really motivate you to train, find a reward for obtaining this new goal and begin your post season training.

Do make sure that you bring that volume and intensity down to give your body some recovery.  This is the time of the year when your competition is just lounging and enjoying the season, but you keep your training going with the proper periodization so you kick their rears next year.

Schedule a breakthrough session today and talk through your gaps and how to bridge them with a new goal to get you on top of the 2016 season.  Email me at to schedule your breakthrough session today.

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Aerobic Base Building

Thomas Figueroa

Coaching_275WWhat is Aerobic Base Building anyway?!


The coached sessions at Tri-ing For Life lately are focused on aerobic base building and this really is one of the hardest things most cyclist and triathletes can do since it requires really pulling back on the intensity that we all love so much.  We do this so we can better our aerobic energy systems while allowing our body to get some recovery.

As a certified USA Triathlon coach I have been trained in principles of periodization and aerobic base building for this time of the season. A lot of triathletes and cyclists either keep going with the intensity or they shut down completely, the first is a guarantee for injuries down the road and the later is a recipe for de-training resulting in losing all the great training gains you’ve had all season.  The aerobic base training will help increase your oxygen delivery efficiency to your cells – energy is created by the delivery of oxygen and glycogen to your cells – as well as allow for muscular adaptation and recovery from your training.

What do aerobic base training workouts typically look like?!  They would have a 10 min or so warm-up followed by intervals which would include short intense intervals of 1-3 mins followed by long recovery intervals 3-5 mins or more at a lower z3 heart rate or around 70% to 80% of your FTP if you’re using power.

If you want to learn more about incorporating aerobic base building into your off season training let’s schedule a breakthrough session and talk through your gaps and how to bridge them.  Email me at to schedule your breakthrough session today.

Enroll today in one of our programs and building your aerobic base with us.

Adding strength training into your off season

Thomas Figueroa

strength2We’ve talked for a few weeks now about the importance of recovery in the off season.  In addition to recovery it is important to use this period to really focus on your strength.  One of the biggest reasons for injuries during training and racing is muscular imbalances and muscular weakness.

As a certified USA Triathlon coach I have been trained specifically on how to identify imbalances, but most importantly on strength training that is specific to triathletes and cyclists alike.  It is important to develop total body strength, but so many people shy away from the training because they are afraid to put on extra pounds that they have to carry around on the bike or while running.  Your strength training program should focus on core development, especially through the glute muscles.

I really love to prescribe compound movement exercises that hit as much of the body in one fell swoop. A couple really good workouts to add into your routine are Wood Choppers, Skaters, Single Leg Lunges, Box Jumps, and Squats.

If you want to learn more about incorporating strength training into your off season training let’s schedule a breakthrough session and talk through your gaps and how to bridge them.  Email me at to schedule your breakthrough session today or click here to contact us.

Post Season is for Recovery and Technique improvement.

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bike+yoga mat


Post Season is for Recovery and technique improvement.

Last week we talked about the importance of recovery and how recovery allows all of your hard work to be absorbed by your body as well as repair all the damage of the season.  This week let’s explore a little bit the importance of technique training.

A lot of cyclist and triathletes have been riding for years without any real improvement in power output or speed.  Every wonder why this is the case?  One of the reasons is your technique has really never changed or improved over the years as you’ve always ridden the same and never had someone guide you to correct technique and form on the bike.

To get the best power transfer to the pedals and then to the drive train of your bike you need to break your pedal stroke up into quadrants – top of pedal, down stroke, bottom of pedal, and upstroke.  Once you break your stroke into quadrants then you need to train yourself to apply power to the pedal in each of the 4 quadrants which will increase your total power output by eliminating dead spots in your pedaling.  One drill that works really well in eliminating dead spots in your pedal stroke is one legged pedaling repeats – ensure when you’re doing this drill you are mentally present and focused on the quadrants of the stroke.

At Tri-ing For Life we have trained and certified coaches who can help you work through any efficiency issues you have in your pedal stroke or form on your bike.  During the post season recovery classes we’ll have specific drills to address and improve your efficiency which will help increase your power output or FTP.  Riding in Tri-ing For Life’s studio gets you out of the elements of rain and cold, puts you into a safe environment free of cars, trucks and biting dogs, and with our trained coaches will make you a stronger cyclist or triathlete.

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Recovery: the name of the game.

Thomas Figueroa

Biker-Resting_artThe name of the game in the post season is RECOVERY and in my coaching experience this tends to be a four letter word to the A-type personalities that dominate the endurance sport worlds.  With this coal in mind Tri-ing For Life Studio is gearing programming around Post Season Recovery, what does this mean and why would you do it?!

Recovery is so crucial to your body for numerous reasons such as allowing your body absorb all the awesome and hard training that you’ve put it through all season long, this really is where you will find yourself breaking plateaus that have plagued your endurance career since about year 2 or 3. In addition to promoting training absorption in your body, it allows your body to recover all those minor injuries that you have accumulated over the training season.  Why would you not want to recover?!

If you’re finding yourself in a plateau or just feeling you have so many gaps stopping you from achieving your goals and being the best you can be, then it’s time for you to schedule a break through session to find out how coaching can help you go to the next level.

To schedule today email me at now and let’s schedule your time.